para follows the whimsical adventure of a W-2 form as it sails away from boring days of office work. Players control the winds that guide the paper plane along its way. Initially developed for our Advanced Game Design Course in the Cocos-2dx framework, we have continued to design this lighthearted escapade, showcasing it at the Boston Festival of Indie Games (2016) and Casual Connect San Francisco (2016).

We are currently working on bringing Para to release with networking and re-released features. Sign up for our mailing list here.



A quick and simple puzzle game. Trace a full path through the lilypads to win each level.

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  1. Do lilypad colours mean anything?
    Red lilypads need to be traced over twice to disappear. The more there are, the more difficult a level is, as it's tough to visualize paths through them.

  2. What's the circle in the upper right for?
    The circle is a timer which indicates how much time you have left to complete the level. The amount of time you have depends on the number of lily pads in the level.

  3. How did you make the levels? How do you know there's always a solution?
    The levels are randomly generated such that there is always a solution. Later levels are made more difficult by increasing the lily pad density, the frequency of orange lily pads, and decreasing the time allowed.

  4. I have feedback or a feedback suggestion -- what should I do?
    Email us at with the subject "Waterlilies Suggestion" and we'll let you know if we can incorporate your feedback. Alternatively, feel free to write us a review, we'll definitely read it.

  5. I found a bug! What should I do?
    We try our best but everyone makes mistakes - we'd appreciate it if you could email with the subject "Bug Report" and describe the circumstances surrounding the bug.


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You may need to click within the game for keyboard responsiveness.



Cafe Daydream is a small venture dreamed up in our freshman English course at Cornell University. My budding 2-week career as a chemical engineer ended when Daryl asked me if I might like to make games with him. And so it goes.


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Daryl is a game designer and roboticist. He loves creating seamless experiences. He’s worked at Snap, Google X, Tesla, Adventure Cow, and others.